Breastfeeding Cover Guide
Breastfeeding Cover Guide

Breastfeeding Cover Guide

Babies are some of the most adorable yet unpredictable human beings. It doesn’t matter if you are out getting groceries or at the spa having a pedicure. The minute they want to be fed, nothing is enough to stop them. This is exactly where a breastfeeding cover would come in handy. A breastfeeding cover is simply fabric that has been designed to offer privacy to nursing moms especially in public settings.

Do you really need a breastfeeding cover? No you don’t! Legally, any mother is allowed to breastfeed publicly. While the law allows it, some mothers would rather cover themselves as they breastfeed their babies. Besides, babies are easily distracted. They are unlikely to feed properly with all the noise and people passing by.


The Different Types Of Covers

If you are in the market for a breastfeeding cover, there are various options for you to choose from. Despite the difference in design, they all serve the same purpose; to offer privacy when breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Scarf

The infinity nursing shawl is as versatile as it is stylish. It doubles as a breastfeeding cover and a scarf, which is why it is a favourite among nursing moms. When not in use, you can wrap it around your neck as a scarf or on your head as a wrapper. Once it is time to feed your child, you just drape it across your shoulders and cover your baby. 

One advantage of the nursing scarf is that it is fashionable and functional. It tends to come in various prints and designs and can thus be worn with various outfits. It gives great coverage during breastfeeding since it covers both the front and the back. Its one downside is that it makes it difficult to see your baby when breastfeeding since it fully covers them. It is also not suitable for mothers who are pumping milk.

Nursing Poncho

The nursing poncho is as stylish as it modest. Ponchos are single pieces of fabric that are worn over one’s head and cover not only the back and front, but the sides too. When nursing your baby, all you have to do is feed them under the poncho.

The main advantage of the nursing poncho is that it never comes off no matter how hard your baby tugs or pulls. Additionally, it is common for your back to remain exposed as you lift your top to feed the baby. The poncho will keep the back covered.

When breastfeeding with a poncho, it is difficult to monitor the child or pump milk since the neckline is usually rigid. You should exercise caution when purchasing a poncho in respect to the material. Get a poncho that is not only light but also breathable. Sometimes they tend to come in heavy materials that can be uncomfortable for the child especially during the summer.

Breastfeeding Apron

As the name suggests, it is styled like an apron. Unlike the previous breastfeeding covers, its sole purpose is to breastfeed. A breastfeeding apron is rectangular in shape, with a strap at the back of the neck to hold it in place. Some of them even come with a pocket for you to put the accessories.

What are some of its benefits?For starters, the neckline is designed so that you can monitor your child as they breastfeed. This feature also improves on the child’s ventilation as they nurse and makes it possible for one to pump milk in public. 

Even though butting on a breastfeeding apron is easy, it is easy for the baby to pull it off.

Nursing Shawl

This is just like a normal shawl with the difference being it has buttons that are strategically placed within the fabric’s fold to ensure your baby is fully covered. The nursing shawl is usually wrapped around the shoulders and over your child, to enhance privacy when nursing.

One of its benefits is that it is difficult to pull off. It is also warm, making it the perfect breastfeeding cover during the cold seasons.It is however difficult to monitor your child as they breastfeed.

How To Choosing The Nursing Cover?

Factors to consider when picking a breastfeeding cover.Before getting yourself a nursing cover, you need to put three main factors into consideration;


How well does it conceal your body parts? Is your baby fully covered? A great breastfeeding cover should also conceal your back as you lift your shirt to nurse.


This is every important, when nursing in public, chances are that you will completely cover the baby. Ensure the breastfeeding cover you buy is light enough to enable free circulation of air. Don’t suffocate your baby at the expense of privacy.

Wash Ability

Breastfeeding can sometimes get messy. Your breasts might leak or your baby might spit up. Whatever the case, you are bound to get something on your breastfeeding cover. To avoid staining, get a nursing cover that is easy to clean.

Primary Usage

Do you need the cover for primarily breastfeeding or pumping?

You should also consider other factors like style or how your baby is likely to respond to a particular cover.

Why should you get yourself a nursing cover? What are some of the benefits? Other than enabling discreet nursing, breastfeeding covers are also advantageous in the following ways;

Covering leaks- one of the most embarrassing things for a nursing mother is having their breasts leaks when in public. This can happen as the bay feeds on one breast, leaving the other unattended. A breastfeeding cover helps cover it up.

Prevent distractions- babies rarely nurse well especially if there are many distractions. With a nursing cover, your baby will nurse uninterrupted.

breastfeeding cover however tends to draw more attention to what you are doing. When starting out, they can make nursing difficult but with time you will get accustomed to using one.

There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. It is just that some mother prefer doing it discreetly as opposed to being exposed. With various breastfeeding covers to pick from, you are bound to find the one that suits you best.

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